Scott Gilmore / Subtle Vertigo / International Feel

On the evidence of his mini-LP on International Feel, I`m guessing that Scott Gilmore possesses a rhythm box – set to Bossa – and a love of vintage synths. His compositions consisting of swirling electronics. Highly orchestrated and arranged. With guitars, clipped Jazz chords, keys of backwards Morse and Arp-bent notes. Sine-waves doubling for Parisian accordion in an ersatz Easy-Listening. Where 1960s Chanson and `60s European Art Cinema themes fuse with the misleadingly staidly named genre, “Library”. The wild experiments of Italian sonic explorers like Fabio Borgazzi, Antonio Arena, Giampiero Boneschi, Vittoria Corona, and Piero Umiliani. French audio adventurers such as Jean-Pierre Decerf and Bernard Fevre*. A fusion also found in the music of Stereolab. Shared with contemporaries like George Tuma and Vanishing Twin. Golden Retriever on Omena. CFCF`s On Vacation. Music where black and white celluloid catches images of happy lovers. Barefoot in fountains. Racing carefree across bridges towards tomorrow.

The title track, Subtle Vertigo, features sampled dialogue. That`s not Ricky Lee Jones describing Little Fluffy Clouds. But could be.

“A feeling that I`ve been here before. Seen the same shapes. The same colours.”

The images now a rainbow of Biba`d, Mary Quant-ed swinging hipsters. Mini-skirted. In kinky PVC boots, flower prints, groovy hair-dos and hoop earrings. Experimenting with LSD. Tripping. Politely.

*Thanks to Edizioni Mondo`s Francesco De Bellis for “The Knowledge”.

Reference Links

`60s Chanson

`60s European Art Cinema

Fabio Borgazzi

Antonio Arena 

Vittoria Corona

Jean-Pierre Decerf 

Piero Umiliani

Bernard Fevre

Giampiero Boneschi


George Tuma

Vanishing Twin

Golden Retriever


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