Postcards From Phantom Island / P-Vine

Japan`s P-Vine have complied thirteen must-haves from the elusive vinyl-only output of Swiss label Phantom Island. Collecting music from six of the imprint`s eight releases to date. In readiness for a label showcase / Japanese tour later this year by these artists working in and around The Drumpoet Community and Zurich`s Club Zukunft.

There`s microtone ambience and Sci-Fi Yacht Rock from Lexx and Reto Gaffuri`s Turning Tides. Kejeblos` mix of Chill-Wave and Compass Point Studios sound. Foster`s Dub Disco Boogie. Grooves with Eastern and Punk overtones. Funk somewhere between Minneapolis and Rio. Lexx`s All That Is Now layers treated spaced-out guitar and tabla. His big bottom end, bubbles, and birdsong version of Apiento & Co.`s E.S.P. nods to both The Grid and The Orb. Force Of Nature turn Your Song Is Good`s Re-Search into a horn-tastic epic. Fuga Ronto`s Invisible Escape was one of THE Balearic records of last year. P-Vine have secured three of the E.P.`s five tracks. Combining the vibe of Afro & Cosmic classics with Lover`s Rock and Brazilian rhyme.

I`m not sure if this gonna be on sale anywhere other than Japan. But Jet Set and Newtone have copies.

Chee Shimzu`s written the sleeve notes.

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