Heart People / Homecoming / Hole In The Sky

Heart People make 1980s influenced, but bass heavy, yet ethereal, Electro Pop. Oceans could be London Grammar versioning Cafe Del Mar Classic, Praise`s Easy Way Out. While pinching a percussion sample from somewhere else equally Balearic (my mind`s gone blank). Voices goes Proto-Acidic – think Severed Heads, Hard Corps, and Anne Clark. New Order`s True Faith with a blinding sax solo. Feel It sounds like a 45rpm pressed House record played at 33. Wonderful Light strips everything back to acoustic guitar, gong and finger cymbals.

There are remixes. The most high profile of which come from Andrew Weatherall and Tolouse Low Trax. Weatherall convinces Voices to take at least 5 more hits and shoves it out into the strobes and smoke machines. Sets it jacking alongside Paul Rutherford`s Get Real. Mr. Low Trax takes Oceans somewhere darker. Dancing with Depth Charge and Glamorous Hooligans. More S&M than Sade.

There are Dubs too. Where the titular Homecoming becomes an homage to Chris & Cosey, via Factory Floor. A porno of subliminal sex. Sweet Surprise. A Split Second`s Drinking Sand. A slow grind but with Move Your Body keys, Blues hollers and Rasta samples. Feel It reduced to stoned head-nodding voodoo. Show You now a militant Steppers of thunderclaps and flutes. Like a less deadpan, less Nico, Anika. A more straight forward reference point might be Lalia on Deewee.

Reference Links

London Grammar


Severed Heads

Hard Corps

Anne Clark

New Order`s True Faith

Paul Rutherford`s Get Real

Depth Charge

Glamorous Hooligan

Factory Floor 

Sweet Surprise

A Split Second

Move Your Body

Blues hollers



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