Mix / Chocolate Milk And Brandy / June-July 2017

Attempting to recreate the golden yesterdays of Jose Padilla`s White Isle sunsets with the tunes of today. 

Thoughtful minimalism from Vangelis` Chariots Of Fire score. Selected by Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding for their Hostel La Torre Volume 2. Arve Henriksen`s Jazz meets New Age. Reissued on Rune Grammofon. Trance`s cassette-only releases. Collected by Growing Bin. A transcendental piano meditation from Red Sun. One of the many essentials on Phil Mison`s Out Of The Blue. Jonny Nash transforms Tommy Awards` Prometheus into cinematic Noir. Something Hampshire & Foat are experts in. Their All Washed Up incorporating Folk picking. Classic 1980s soundtrack-inspired Cafe Del Mar ambience from Music For Dreams` Dr. Baker. His Music For Mindfulness compilation making Would You Like To Seduce Me? available again. Solo piano from Blank & Jones. My pick of the moments from their expansive Relax Edition 10. Music for Siesta to Sunset, then Sunset to Sunrise. Rainforest wildlife mixes with orchestral strings, woodwinds and percussion on Pep Llopis` El Vell Rei De La Serp. Ron Trent`s Blak Punk Soundsystem get laid-back and dubbed out. Acoustic echoes and electronic flicker. Photek`s deeper than deep House. Traenon`s Latin rhythms, sub-bass and stars. Clone`s Royal Oak access Keytronics` archive. Treating us to flutes, vibes, and that timeless `90s Italian sound.

*All of these releases should be in shops now or in the next few weeks. 



Vangelis – Abraham`s Theme – Hostel La Torre

Arve Henriksen – Bird`s Eye View – Rune Grammofon

Trance – Ikarus – Growing Bin

Red Sun – Honey From The Baka – Leng

Tommy Awards – Prometheus (Jonny Nash Remix) – Origin Peoples

Hampshire & Foat – All Washed Up – Athens Of The North

Dr Baker – Would You Like To Seduce Me? – Music For Dreams

Blank & Jones – Wishing – Sound Colours

Pep Llopis – El Vell Rei De La Serp – Freedom To Spend

Blak Punk Soundsystem – BPS Dub – Future Vision

Photek – Traenon (Version) – ART

Keytronics – Travelling – Royal Oak

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