Caliban / Digital Reggae / Music From Memory

Drum machines and Rock guitar drive Caliban`s Digital Reggae. Caliban AKA Milton Myrie having been a seasoned session player. Jamming with Ozo and Steel And Skin. Outfits that will be familiar to collectors of Loft Classics and Leftfield dancers. Pressed on a 45 in 1984, rediscovered by Jackson Bailey AKA Tapes and now reissued by Music From Memory. It hits like Dennis Bovell`s Weapon Of Peace hanging out with Mad Professor`s Dodgy Contacts. With eccentric megaphoned, Music Hall, vocals a la The Beatles Yellow Submarine. An eccentricity coincidently shared with Tapes` own Hissing Theatricals E.P.

But the real gem on the new 12 is the previously unreleased Supernatural Magic. Catchy, feel good, Brit-Funk. Jazz Fusion Light. Take the “blue-eyed” proto-Disco of Kokomo and A-Train. Add the Caribbean-influences of Linx and Sun Palace.

An LP of archive material from Caliban is on the way.

Reference Links


Steel And Skin

Weapon Of Peace

Mad Professor 

Yellow Submarine

Hissing Theatricals 




Sun Palace

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