Mind Fair / Steppin` Out / Rogue Cat Sounds

Mind Fair cover Joe Jackson`s 1982 AOR hit, Steppin` Out. A song that captures the anticipation of a big night. The ability of a trip into town to make you forget your troubles. At least for moment. Using poetry as simple and evocative as “In a yellow taxi, turn to me and smile.”

Mind Fair`s Rogue Cats fuse that lyric to a Notting Hill Carnival, Electro Soca Rhythm. The tune and vocal carrying the same 1980s London warehouse party / Street Soul feel as their previous Charm release. Part 2 focuses on the instrumentation. Letting the guitar solo. Adding horns reminiscent of Detroit Experiment`s classic take on Donald Byrd`s Think Twice. Mark E samples, loops and creates a House march. Stripping back the orchestration. Giving it some room to move. Before building it back up again in crescendo.

Those strings. They`re a Carl Craig thing. Both Dub and Remix make me think of the old terrace at Ibiza`s Space (I`ve no idea what it`s like now). Mr. Craig tackling the “Nu-Jazz” of Directions` Busted Trees. Making something both banging and musical. Techno and acoustic. Making it soar.

One for the sunshine then. Dancing. Preferably in the open air. Your spirits free from impediment on their journey to the heavens.

Released early next week, you can have a listen – and order a copy – over at Pacific Beach Vinyl.

P.S. / I love the artwork on this one. T-shirts chaps?

Reference Links

Joe Jackson 


The Detroit Experiment 

Donald Byrd

Carl Craig`s remix of Busted Trees 

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