Mark Barrott / Pathways Of Our Lives / International Feel

The sounds of Summer continue on International Feel.

Flute, congas, cowbell and bass. Mark Barrott`s Pathways Of Our Lives borrows from those wonderful Wolf Muller “Water” mixes of Jose Padilla`s Solito. Pushes their significant groove towards Pop. With sampled African chant, big, uplifting piano chords and orchestral strings. On first listen I said, “Jan Schulte meets the genius Brazilian arranger Arthur Verocai.” And I`m sticking with that. A large tune that never fails to raise a smile.

On the flip, Music For Santoor, Bansuri, Tanpura Y Sarod, is a beatless meditation. Based around the four Indian instruments of its title. The Santoor. A Northern Indian variant of the hammered dulcimer. The ancient, woodwind, the Bansuri. The sitar-like Raga drone of the strings of Tanpura and Sarod. The results have Osamu Kitajima`s Ronin on retreat with Maharishi Manesh Yogi.

Also in shops is Hostel La Torre Volumen Dos. Complied by Mark, with Pete Gooding. Serving as a second sampler for the musical backdrop the pair provide as residents at the White Isle`s current hot sunset spot. Collecting tracks from Australia, Canada, France, Greece, Hawaii, Holland, Ibiza, Italy, Japan, Mali, Sweden, and the U.K. Cafe Del Mar classics by John Barry, Eric Serra, and Vangelis. Modern classics in the making from Fuga Ronto and Tornado Wallace. There`s also an exclusive from Mark.

LA_TORRE_V2 copy

Reference Links

* Wolf Muller`s “Water” mixes are unfortunately no longer on-line

Arthur Verocai

Osamu Kitajima

Maharishi Manesh Yogi 

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