Garrett / Private Life / Music From Memory

Private Life begins with a curveball in the form of Apocalyptic Sunrise. Racing arpeggios and buzzing synthesised strings. Despite its title, kept light by jazzy touches on the keys. A curveball `cos for the main this mini-LP from Garrett is Electro-Soul. In the vein of Uku Kutt squeezing Mtume`s Juicy Fruit. Drum machines roll, pop and clap in delay. The bottom end shakes the room. While the stratosphere-searching solos recall Mandre in full solar flight. Kinda proto-Techno Jazz.

Sweet Dreams and Angel Reflections move towards New Age. The twelve, beatless minutes of the latter could pass for one of Beverley Glenn-Copeland`s fantasies. The keys now rising in warm swells. Hovering like clouds in a calm, blue sky.

The End Theme is a piano piece. Part Jun Fukamachi serenading Nicole. Part the Art Of Noise, beaten. Leon Lowman covering Pharoah Sanders.

Garrett, by the way, is Dâm-Funk`s middle name.

Reference Links

Uku Kutt



Beverley Glenn-Copeland

Jun Fukamachi 

Art Of Noise

Leon Lowman

Pharoah Sanders

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