Mix / Mind Fair / The Slow Boat To Valparaiso

Mind Fair host their 3rd annual Rotation Summer Party at Bishton Hall on July 22nd. They`ll be joined special guests Colleen Murphy, Andy Taylor and Stuart Robinson.

To commemorate the event they`ve made some really nice Tees.

And by way of promo the guys, Dean (Meredith) and Ben (Shenton) have put together this great mix.

Words & Music by Mind Fair.

Mind Fair, on their road to nowhere specific, take the slow boat down to the “Jewel of the Pacific” or “Little San Fransisco”, and they invite you to join them on a voyage to Valparaiso. You’ll take the scenic route visiting Latin Jazz, horny French African Soul, lost Balearic classics-not-classics and places beyond. All whilst wearing espadrilles, crushed cotton Chino’s and puffing on the finest panama cigars. And the reason for this excursion? Why, to spread love because love is the message and it would be all too easy to merely send that message in a bottle.

mind fair tee shirtsmind-fair-3rd-annual-garden-party-poster




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