Tommy Awards / Inre Rymden / Origin Peoples

After their lengthy Kosmische Sessions I & II, Tommy Awards return to some relative shorts. Pieces similar in tone to those on their first two E.P.s for Craig Bratley`s Magic Feet. Moody pieces of downtempo electronics and guitars, that mixed up The Stones, Califone, The Cure, New Order and Bombay Hotel. Releases that yielded the classics Blind Andy and Hotel Odemark.

This new one, Inre Rymden (translates as Inner Space), is in shops now, while a second 12” of accompanying remixes is good to go. Hans Logan is lit by U2`s Eno & Lanois produced Unforgettable Fire. A shimmering Mojave soundcsape. Bartosz Kruczynski AKA The Phantom stretches it into over 15 minutes of drone, Reich-ian repetition, and summer thunder storms. The guitar remembered only in bursts of echo. Ursa Minor is a ringer for the sultry 1980s celluloid seduction themes of Farbror Resande Mac. Coyote treating it to one of their characteristic dubs. Eirwud Mudwasser`s rework of Mike Serra Foxtrot replays a fragment of the original`s melody on ethnic instrumentation.  Zither and juice harp? The beat now a slap of a cross-legged thigh. The hypnotic loop joined by the bottle neck Blues of Ry Cooder`s Paris, Texas. Early Sounds` Mystic Jungle Tribe, as the Normalmen make Rexy over as chugging, cosmic, computer Funk.

The standouts for me, on both 12s, are the versions of Prometheus. Tommy Awards creating a wall of melancholy reverb. Paying tribute to The Cure`s Disintegration. Swimming the same deep waters. While climbing Radiohead`s walls. Jonny Nash`s remix transforms the track into smoky Jazz Noir, akin to Bohern And Der Club Of Gore. Upright bass and around midnight horn.

You can order a copy of Inre Rymden directly here 

Tommy Awards - Inre Rymden [OP004] - cover copy

Reference Links

Blind Andy

Hotel Odemark

Unforgettable Fire 


Farbror Resande Mac

A Coyote Dub 

Paris, Texas


Climbing Up The Walls

Bohern And Der Club Of Gore

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