Terra Incognita / Emotional Rescue

Terra Incognita Volumes I & II were originally issued in 1986 and 1987 on Spanish label, Auxilio De Cientos. Dark Pop pioneers Diseño Corbusier`s Ani Zinc and Javier G. Marín ran the imprint. The compilations providing an overview of the “cassette scene” that fostered and fuelled the Industrial movement. Off shoots thereof. The first volume focussed largely on Belgium. Operations such as Camera Obscura and Alain Neffe`s Insane Music (for more info see STROOM`s excellent retrospective from last year). Sounds that ultimately fed into the sets of Fat Ronnie, DJ at Ancienne Belgique, and the legendary Liaisons Dangereuses radio shows. Laying the foundations for New Beat. The second volume broadened its horizons to include artists from Germany, the U.K., and U.S. Stuart Leath`s Emotional Rescue have culled a collection of Cold Wave cult classics from both.

Percussion tumbles. Machine mixing with tradition. Clattering metallic. Vocals are treated, theatrical. Deranged, sped up, possessed. Japanese whispers disorientate in dizzying delay. Danny Alias (of Civil Defense fame) vocoders an Orwellian dig at Laurie Anderson`s O Superman. Dance floors rock to Gothic Disco and arpeggiated Punk. Frantically picked strings clash with atonal synthesised noise in Agit-Art. Kastrieste Philosophen`s Heroina is an Edith Piaf-like Torch Song of after midnight chimes, sax and Noir poetry. A Phil Manzanera guitar buzzing off in the distance. Painting Another Green World. New Wave is stretched into Drone. Dropped into Dubwise. The sole source of warmth being the African voices of Denis Mpunga and Bony Bikaye. The former`s work with Paul K. brilliantly documented (and remixed) elsewhere, by Music From Memory. The latter`s collaboration with Hector Zazou, Komba, re-creating a clear, star-lit Savannah sky.

Reference Links

Diseño Corbusier

Civil Defense

O Superman

Edith Piaf

Another Green World

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