Denis Mpunga and Paul K. / Remixes / Music From Memory

Music From Memory unearthed the recordings of  Denis Mpunga and Paul K. earlier this year.  They`ve now commissioned five extended reworks of some of the shorter tracks. Those shorts mixing percussion, song, sanza, and highlife guitar with Electro. Zero-Set Intermezzos  of machines making King Sunny Ade`s Ju Ju Music.

Fasaan`s Prins Emanuel adds kick, cowbell, vibes, synth and a live bass line to KWE!!! Creating a Proto-House floor-filler that could sit alongside Sweety G`s Ma Foom Bey on that seminal Ethno Beats compilation from 1988. Second Circle`s Daizon manages to construct something both percussive and ritual-like, yet Pop. Six minutes of flute-y Afro / Cosmic. Like Helen`s Zanzibar. Underpinned by sub-bass. Androo and Tolouse Low Trax each produce a dub. Androo`s stripped back and broken by big piano chords. TLT`s constructed from echoing loops of the original material. Interstellar Funk close the package. Clattering and rattling darkly for over eight minutes. Electronic wildlife chattering against the holy resonance and drone of Pandit Pran Nath via the Theater of Eternal Music. Black Merlin scoring a psychedelic sunset on The Island Of Gods. Goan full moon Trance.

Reference Links


King Sunny Ade

Ma Foom Bey


Black Merlin

Theatre Of Eternal Music 

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