Minoru ‘Hoodoo’ Fushimi / In Praise of Mitochondria / Left Ear Records

Welcome to the crazy musical world of Minoru Hoodoo Fushimi. One where P-Funk goes Electro. Parliament`s Flashlight meets McLaren`s Duck Rock, Sugarhill, and Tackhead`s ON-U Sound System. Whodini with Conny Plank and Italy`s Radio Rap Band. Where Metal solos trade with Jazz chords, and Doug Wimbish slap bass. Harps with Jimmy Castor riffs. Where Hoodoo`s sampler throws meowing cats and Atomic Dogs barking into Savant-like Avant grooves. Sampled traffic Jams, giggling babies, frogs, opera singers, elephant roars, failing ignitions, and intimate sighs join NYC Easy Street chants, Go-Go percussion and Buffalo Gals.

“D`ya like scratchin`?”

Where vocodered vocals move between smooth Soul croon and Japanese Dalek. Where Osamu Kitajima`s Masterless Samurai gets plugged in. Koto, shamisen and shakuhachi set popping and locking.

Melbourne`s Left Ear Records, with assistance from my old mate Jerome Qpchan, have pulled together a double LP from the archives of Japanese Electro original, Minoru Fushimi. The collection`s in shops now.

Reference Links


Duck Rock



Whodini with Conny Plank

Radio Rap Band

Jimmy Castor

Atomic Dog


NYC Easy Street chants

Masterless Samurai

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