DJ Nori / Ghetto Disco / Octave Lab & Ultravybe

Following on from his West End, Salsoul and superlative Take The N-Train mixes for Octave Lab / Ultravybe Japan`s DJ Nori now lets his skills loose on the vaults of T.K. Records.

Miami-based Henry Stone founded T.K. in 1974. The label named after their in-house studio engineer, Terry Kane. Putting out sides until 1981. At which point they were purchased by infamous music business mobster, Morris Levy. Who “liquified” both T.K. and his own Roulette, to create Sunnyview. Now to call me a Disco person would be a stretch of any one`s imagination. But man do I own a lot of records on T.K. George McCrae`s Rock Your Baby, Foxy`s Mademoiselle and Anita Ward`s Ring My Bell were teenage youth club favourites. Celi Bee & The Busy Bunch`s One Love, T-Connection`s Do What You Wanna Do, Quartz` Beyond The Clouds, and Voyage`s Lady America were all staples on London`s late `80s Balearic scene. Deee-lite sampled Freedom`s Get Up And Dance. Vinyl dealer Mark Rez described Joe Thomas` Plato`s Retreat as “Disco for House people”. Peter Brown`s Burning Love Breakdown was just one of the tracks Carl Craig used to blow my mind when he guested on XFM. Daniele Baldelli dropped Timmy Thomas` Africano and Fern Kinney`s cute Groove Me (all be it pitched up) when he wanted to get funky. Katmandu`s The Break I stole from Last Night A DJ Saved My Life`s Loft Top 100. Jimmy McGriff`s Tailgunner was an Ashley Beedle tip. I`m pretty sure Harvey popularised John Tropea`s Living In The Jungle and Ish`s Don`t Stop. Everyone must have played King Sporty at some point.

DJ Nori eschews any Studio 54-styled flamboyance in his eclectic selections. Keeping his choices aptly stripped back and “street”. Bar the odd blast of 70s Sci-Fi laser. Befitting the set`s title. Horny, electronic mid-tempo stomps. Big wah wah licks. The whispering break from Afrika Bambaataa`s Death Mix. Ticking, tocking, all about rocking. Chugging Cosmic from Detroit guitar legends. Dug deep from Frankie Knuckles` Warehouse Record Box. There`s a brass reconstruction of Marvin Gaye`s Blues. Caribbean Proto-House. Carnivals of handclaps, cowbell, funky calls and bongos. Massed voices joined in unison. In a chorus of abandon. Raising the roof of their chosen church with a profane gospel. Hammond B3 and chicken scratch get root down. B-Boys are catered to by an edit / extension from a Dance Floor Messiah (cult included). There`s breakneck Southern Soul. Funk on the one from The Godfather. Timbales, oriental woodwinds, Rare Grooves and Jazz movers.

I don`t think this CD is on sale outside of Japan. Interested gaikokujin should check with both Strada and Jetset.


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