Steve Cobby / Hemidemisemiquaver / Déclassé

Hemidemisemiquaver is the latest long player from the congenial Mr. Cobby. A set that serves as a sampler for Steve`s studio`s versatility and his production chops. Taking a run through a jungle of Funky sub-genres. Showing you what he can do.

Machines sing in harmony on synth-y Soul R&B instrumentals. Jazz-inflected chords. A playful tapping of the marimba. Hooks recalling Danmas` Happy Here. Summoning the sunshine. Steve pays tribute to the late Charlie Murphy with a celebratory Drum & Bass track. Managing to incorporate harpsichord tones and a heavy guitar solo. He decorates Dub Reggae with strings and blasts of brass. Post-Rock Electronica with cool acoustic picking. Making modern Easy-Listening Muzak that shares a Parisian coffee and croissant with Laetitia Sadier. Puts Stereolab at the Cafe Del Mar. Candle For The Moth fills head-nodding Trip Hop with fresh smoke. A Jazz of horns, vibes and sonar echoes. Huere D`or takes similar sonic themes and speeds them up. Has them dancing to a broken B-line that buzzes like a blown Soundsystem cabinet cone. The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan is mainframe snapping Electro-Disco. Irresistibly arpeggiated like Ewan Pearson`s Mancuso-endorsed remix of Depeche Mode. Cherry Skin Blanket gently squelches, acidic-ally. While its fancy fretwork has Vinni Reilly moonwalking.

Hemidemisemiquaver is due at the end of October. You can pre-order a copy here.

Reference Links

Happy Here

Charlie Murphy


Post-Rock Electronica

Trip Hop

Mancuso-Endorsed Depeche Mode

Vinni Reilly Moonwalking

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