Mix / Steve Cobby / Hemidemisemiquaver

Steve Cobby`s Hemidemisemiquaver is due to hit shops in the next couple of weeks (you can order a copy here). By way of promo, Steve did a few exclusive mixes, and Ban Ban Ton Ton was one of the sites that got lucky. Broadcast last Saturday on FM Karuizawa 77.5 MHZ, Steve`s own Boom Bap seduction themes weave in and out of the selections. Sequencing sultry Soul, beautiful bass and conscious lyrics. Aquatic organ tones riding bolstered breaks. A battery phased and rolling. Sweet chimes encouraged by handclaps. A piano riff that raises spirits like the sun and a new dawn. A Soul Jazz Gospel call for change. Something built on an old Paul Simon loop. All combine in a beat-driven, head-nodding calm. Warm dream-like Pop. A syncopated Modern World music. Sleepy clockwork acoustics segue with strings that ache. Dulcimers. Drums via Axelrod via DJ Shadow. A choir of angels singing a hymn for a hustler.



Salty – The Sea Came In At midnight – Content – 2016

The Solid Doctor – Lights On The Vibe – Pork – 1995

KRTS – Berlin Girls – Project mooncircle – 2013

Donny Hathaway – Voices Inside – ATCO – 1970

Steve Cobby – A Candle For The Moth – Declasse – 2017

Chanes – Always – Not On Label – 2017

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Blue 13 (Steve Cobby Mix) – Hell Yeah! – 2016

Steve Cobby – Huere D`or 32/48 – Declasse – 2017

Kin Klave – Isoal – Not On Label – 2017

Steve Cobby – Fixing The Shadows – Declasse – 2017

Portico Quartet – Endless – Gondwana – 2017

Four Tet – Two Thousand And Seventeen – Text – 2017

New Palestine High Girls Glee Club – Midnight Cowboy – Amalgamated – 2003

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