D.K. / S.K. / Melody As Truth

If I were to attempt to recreate this meeting of D.K. (Dang-Khoa Chau) and S.K. (Suzanne Kraft) with the records on my shelves, I`d be segueing between fragments of Claude Young and Being`s Mune, Nuel`s Trance Mutation and Vangelis` Love Theme from Blade Runner. When I interviewed Parisian ex-beat-juggler D.K. a few years ago he said Craig Leon was an influence. So in places the slowly whirring cogs of percussion here, do indeed sound like a sleepy Donkey Bearing Cups. S.K. brings the muted brass and clouds of sustain from What You Get For Being Young. His last solo release on Jonny Nash`s Melody As Truth. Flutter and wow. The feelings of intimacy and love that characterise his work on Jonny`s label. A patient minimalism that suggests the tutelage of Gigi Masin. The two of them mix cinematic scores with Detroit ambience. Conversations between wind chimes, piano and guitar. The fall of shiny, metallic snowflakes. Busy nanotech chatter tempering big computer chords. Machines gently pumping. Faux organic, phloem flow blowing futuristic noir themes for existential outsiders. Ceremonial tribal timbres painting desert locations. Bedouin camps. Synths whistling thoughtful. Improvising a Jazz. Bluesy arcs change the backdrop to midwestern dustbowls. Derelict oil derricks. `80s Art House flicks where hard days on the land pass by unmarked, as a protagonist strives for some kind of poetry and grace. Not a life less ordinary, but one less complicated. A country of secrets where its inhabitants strive to forget. The past locked away. Left unspoken.

You can order digital and vinyl directly from Melody As Truth here.

Reference Links

Donkeys Bearing Cups



Blade Runner`s Love Theme

Gigi Masin

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