Mix / Alex Knight For FCR / October 2017

Words & Music by FatCat`s Alex Knight.

So, gone is the heat of summer. Blue skies replaced by darkened, heavy greys. T-shirts exchanged for jumpers. Jumpers hidden beneath last season’s jackets. It’s an end to the carefree carelessness of holidays. A return to the regime, back to the 9 to 5. Let’s not be too disappointed, as Autumn also, traditionally, delivers a bumper crop of new releases.

First up is the debut vinyl release on our very own FCR Records, Cottam. A retiring but talented lad from Preston, who delivers a mesmerising 12 minutes of chi-style Deep House. With rolling bass lines and brooding vocal samples, it`s a track reminiscent of the finer works of Ron Trent or Lil Louis. Keeping with the Chicago theme, one of the original House music pioneers, Mike Dunn, returns with a new 12”. Ahead of his first album in 27 years. Released on the Sheffield based imprint Moreaboutmusic,  Mike implores us to Move It, Work It over the deepest of bass-lines, beats, and the claps of his 909. Next up, on Bitter End – in obvious homage to classic US label, West End – is an 11 minute opus called Get The Love. Propulsive rhythms, swirling synths, and Disco sleaze. Juan Atkins at Studio 54? Madrid’s Aiken appears on Spanish imprint NON with his trademark Techno. Minimalist looping rhythms and haunting strings. Berlin resident Pascal Hetzel takes us a little deeper with a new release on Caduceus. A punishing kick and crisp claps break into swirling strings and a Reese-style bass before Aphrohead takes us back to Chicago and the House sounds of 1989. The Divine is reminiscent of the emotive joints of K-Alexi Shelby and Virgo. This track is a thing of beauty. Obsolete Music Technology, an alias of Chicago’s Steven Tang, delivers something way grittier and gnarled in the shape of Comb Freq, on new label, Dimensions Recording. Alden Tyrell continues the theme. Shape shifting like Vainquer on his Vorm Variaties Vol 2. The enigmatic producer Shed / EQD is back with Equalised, after a six year hiatus and it’s good to have him back. Both tracks on this 12 employ bold, skittering percussion, hypnotic melodies and rumbling low end. Germany’s Failsafe Records hands the reins to Developer for their third release. Channeling timeless Techno. This is raw, peak time, main room business. Reflection by Adryiano on the other hand recalls the heady minimalism of DBX. All minimal driving percussion, a simple two note bass and repeated, filtered vocal refrain. For dance floor delight what more could you need? Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald are at it again. Together they create sonic structures that ebb and flow. Bob and weave. Hypnotic, drifting soundscapes. Concave on Tresor is the latest in a series of essential releases from this ever evolving collaboration. The final track in the mix, Duckett’s Black Sheep treads a very different path. Where modular synths play gamelan-style melodies which in turn are filtered through Fennesz-like distortion. A beautiful and engaging piece and a fitting finale to this month’s selection.


Cottam – I Can’t Carry On – FCR

Mike Dunn – Move It, Work It – Moreaboutmusic

Get The Love – Bitter End

Aiken – Dominance – Non

Pascal Hetzel – Motion Blur – Caduceus Records

Aphrohead – The Divine – Founders Of Filth

Obsolete Music Technology – Comb Freq – Dimensions Recordings

Alden Tyrell – Vorm Variaties Vol 2 – Clone Basement Series

EQD – Equalised 006

Developer – Natives Calling – Failsafe 03

Adryiano – Reflection – CESTRAW

Juan Atikins & Moritz Von Oswald – Concave – Tresor

Duckett – Black Sheep – Wisdom Teeth

Cottam – I can_t Carry On

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