Autumns / Dyslexia Tracks / Touch Sensitive

Electronic Body Music. Brutal punishing rhythms. Industrial Trance. Dark Punk noise. Electro-Hardcore. Fugazi tuned into Electrifying Mojo`s Midnight Funk Association. Tuned into the Proto-Techno mania of Ron Hardy`s Music Box. Ministry`s Wax Trax! Jack Tracks. Fini Tribe`s occult rituals. Medusa parties. Razormaid edits. Los Niños Del Parque. Those mind-altering jams of Adonis and Marcus Mixx on Let`s Pet Puppies. Commandos shouting Guns! Fire! The raw, House-inspired, mutant grooves of Golden Teacher. Machines releasing volleys of percussion like automatic weapons into a World Unknown.

You can pre-order a copy of Autumns` Dyslexia Tracks here.

Reference Links


Fini Tribe

Los Niños Del Parque

Marcus Mixx


Golden Teacher

World Unknown 

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