Dmitry Evgrafov / Compression Of Light / 130701

Static. Interference. White noise buzzing and humming. The ghost of a lost choir coming in from somewhere. Swells of soul-stirring sonics rise and then cut abruptly. Like a piece of found footage. A distressed SOS. Leaving only the hiss and crackle of rainfall. Sparse percussion taps out a march. A sad, slow, cinematic procession. Where mourning woodwinds and strings fail to conceal an anger. That blows in blasts. Like jets over head. Clarinet and cello ache. Electronics throw up storms. Devils of digital dust. Corroding. Eroding. Accelerating the passage of time. Violins sing sweet eulogy. Songs for the missing and songs for survivors. Love remembered. Love that remains. Half-forgotten Folk tunes and lullabies feel their way through the keys. A hand extends to touch a cheek. Exhausted, bereft, and lonely. To lift a worry through sharing. Together towards recovery. Out of the darkness and into this compressed light. Where being well is an end-point. Being the same, not an option. Echoes stretch and fray. Heavy with sorrow. Heartbreak and loss. Yet still fighting. Strung with resilience and strength. Where some kind of triumph emerges from defeat. In a battle of spirits. A human war. Where the 21st Century New Age healing of symphonic drone replaces a bugle`s call. The fallen rapt in the arms of comforting angels. Hushed by their whispered reassurance.

Dmitry Evgrafov`s Compression Of Light is the soundtrack to a personal redemptive narrative arc. The album features the stellar playing of Iskra String Quartet, and William Yates, and outstanding collaborations with Abul Mogard, and Benoit Pioulard. You can purchase a copy here.


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