Roberto Aglieri / Ragapadani / Archeo Recordings

The latest on Archeo is divided in two. The 2XLP containing Italian flautist Roberto Aglieri`s 1987 album, Ragapadani, plus a bonus 12 of previously unreleased material.

Ragapadani combines New Age and ECM-styled Jazz. A Kind Of Blue blown with the long slow breath of Stephan Micus. While synthesised stars twinkle. The Universe chattering in harmony. Vocals alternate between processed Fairlight choir and untreated Gregorian / Dominican chant. Eastern modes mix with Folk airs in traditional sounding songs for seasons` change. Aglieri`s flute singing like a bird in Spring. While the machine tonalities suggest Autumn`s chill. Only Made In Terraneo is overtly electronic. An ambience of nocturnal shamanic echo. Think a beatless take on Material`s Mantra.

The second record places Aglieri`s largely Folk-influenced playing in a variety of settings. Dancing with Giorgio Morroder at the Disco on Danza No.1 #2. Inhabiting Jon Hassell`s Fourth World on an alternate take of Made In Terraneo. Which climaxes with an axe solo, and could pass for something from Massimo Amato`s recent LP on Affordable Inner Space. The winding analogue of Protoraga – like DrumTalk`s new one on Caroline True – reaches for the classic Kosmische Pastoral of Cluster. There are field recordings of bugs, frogs and running water. Data mimics crickets and cicadas. Aglieri moves between flute, acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica. The latter lending Sogno Di Mezzogiorno and In Volo a Parisian Cafe Society swing. Both recalling the sunlight-filled chamber music of Seigen Ono`s Julia. Twin Piece adds a breakbeat and makes like an out-take from Sth. Notional`s Yawn Yawn Yawn sessions (coincidently also soon to be reissued by Archeo).

Reference Links

Stephan Micus

A Kind Of Blue 


Giorgio Morroder 

Massimo Amato

Seigen Ono 


Sth. Notional

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