2017 / Manu / Archeo Recordings

Ban Ban Ton Ton was never supposed to be just my “voice” (if you`re interested in contributing please get in touch), and without support and encouragement from others it wouldn`t exist. So before we look forward to a new year, I`ve asked a few friends to pick their favourites from the last twelve months. 

Manu / Archeo Recordings

Archeo have had a busy year. Releasing sought after Balearic gems in the form of Blue Gas` melancholy Italian Pop and Blindboy`s Swedish Hip Hop crossover. Unearthing the near lost Italian Art of Roberto Aglieri and Paolo Modugno. Early 2018 will see the full release of that Leo Mas / Fabrice / Gemolotto remix of Enzo Avitabile (promo`d as a white to a lucky few in the Summer) and a massive 3×12 reissue of Sth. Notional`s sublime Yawn Yawn Yawn.

Three Tracks For Dancing

Hubbabubbaklubb – Tomme Lommer – Snorkel

Ramm – Spark The Universe – Emotional Rescue

Thank you Chuggy!

Enzo Avitabile – Devozioni Dialettali (Ex Voto Remix) – Archeo Recordings

Thank you Leo!

Three Tracks For Chilling

Lena D’Água – Jardim Zoológico – Strangelove

Blair French – Sandbar Caviar – Claremont 56

Various – Good Measure EP Part Two – Aficionado

Thank you Moonboots & Simon!

Top Long Players

Various – Claremont 56 Ten Year Anniversary 2007-2017

Thank you Mudd, Max, Sean P. & Mushrooms Project! In particular Max Essa`s dub of Okinawa Delays, Sean P`s remix of Zee Erf, Mushrooms Project`s take on Paqua`s Late Train, and Mudd & Pollard`s N7 Odyssey.

Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland – Music For Dreams

Three Re-issues

Michel Banabila – Trespassing / Marilli – Seance Centre

Thank you Brandon!

Luis Delgado – Vathek – Emotional Rescue

Thank you again Chuggy!

Maria Rita – Brasileira – Selva Discos / Optimo

Three Compilations

Moonboots – Moments In Time – Music For Dreams

Thank you Moon & Kenneth!

Phil Mison – Out Of The Blue – Music For Dreams

Thank you Phil!

John GomezOutro Tempo – Music From Memory

Thank you John!

Three 7s

Donny Benét – Konichiwa – Dot Dash

Kay Zee – Barny – Phantom Island

Thank you Lexx!

B-B-Boogaloo – Crest Of A Wave – BBB

Thank you Basso!

Three Cassettes

Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu – Some Backland Plaza – Jansen Jardin

Thank you Max!

Mariah – Utakata No Hibi – HMV Japan

Thank you Yozo!

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Keyboard Fantasies – Seance Centre

Thank you again Brandon!

Three Rediscoveries

Uakti – Mapa  (from 1989)

Luis Agudo – Afrorera  (from 1985)

Stephane Sévérac – Hold On (from 1987)

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