Conga Square / Secada Mondatta / PFF

On this new offshoot of Palto Flats there are two (relative) shorts. Of flutes, booming bass and percussive improvisation. And one epic. Of dense tribal Trance. Organic, textured Techno. Subliminal, rumbling, growling. A lurching, polymorphous colossus of a groove. Birthed from the same bubbling, primordial ooze as O Yuki Conjugate`s Ba-makala. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia`s Obsidian. Where individual instruments are largely indistinguishable save the bright synths that illuminate its dark waters.

As an aside, O Yuki Conjugate play live in London this Saturday (December 2) at a gig supported by Emotional Response and Utopia Records.

O Yuki Conjugate Poster

Reference Links

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia 

O Yuki Conjugate

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