Hello Skinny / Watermelon Sun / Brownswood Recordings

A Jazz blown through Jamaican Dancehall, Post-Punk Funk, and an electric Africa. (Smoke) hazed Hip Hop beats, interplanetary Sun Ra Exotica and sleepy, sunset Grounation. All driven by the drums of Tom Skinner (Owiny Sigma Band, Sons Of Kemet).

Skinner`s second long player as Hello Skinny sees him team up with veteran composer and Arthur Russell collaborator, Peter Zummo. The album consisting of live, improvised sessions, born out of a meeting at Zummo`s Staten Island home.

The Jazz feeds a BYG Balm In Gilead-esque Blues through looped and filtered House on iDeath. Has Pharoah Sanders` You Gotta Have Freedom dancing to Cajmere`s Brighter Days on Coda. But Zummo`s trombone lends nearly everything the air of the creative melting pot, that was 1980s Downtown New York. Of The Kitchen and the Mudd Club. The slow, clanking Signs could be Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 jamming with Jean-Michel Basquiat`s Gray. The sort of Art-Dance usually uncovered by RVNG Intl. or Music From Memory. Mr P.Z. updates Zummo and Russell`s classic Disco-Not-Disco. Slap bass and dubbed-out handclaps. Its intro a dead-ringer for the horns that announced FK`s take on Dinosaur L`s Go Bang! Popping its Funk like Loose Joints` Is It All Over My Face. ESG on 99.

You can order a copy directly from Hello Skinny here.

Reference Links

A Balm In Gilead 

You`ve Got To Have Freedom

Brighter Days

Zazou / Bikaye / CY1


RVNG Intl.

Music From Memory

Go Bang!

Pop Your Funk

Is It All Over My Face


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