Maricopa / Sun Scope / Is It Balearic?

I still associate Maricopa with the sublime set of downtempo Techno he produced for Tusk Wax in 2012. But since then he`s released music on Back To The Balearics, Fools & Fables, La Luna, and Cosmic Pint Glass, and his sound has clearly evolved.

On Sun Scope for Is It Balearic? the tracks are still characterised by warm swells of fluttering keys. Hovering in sustain like Summer clouds. But live bass, drums and guitar create a mood more like a stoned – yet seductive – Jazz-Funk. The synthetic Soul of Uku Kuut, or Steve Cobby. Where melodies pay tribute to the electronic experimentation of the Library Music composers and arrangers of the 1970s. A Space 1999 vision of the future. One that wouldn`t be out of place on Edizioni Mondo.

The two sides of the long-player are themed. Morning to dusk. Midnight to dawn. With the drums more pronounced past the Witching Hour. Way-pitched-down House stabs surrounded by handclaps. Subliminal samples of lost conversations, birdsong and the crashing of waves.

Maricopa Sun Scope sleeve

Reference Links

Uku Kuut

Steve Cobby

Edizioni Mondo

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