2017 / Matt Sewell / A Crushing Glow

I remember a conversation with Stu “Chuggy” Leath, of Emotional Rescue / Response. Stu was trying to convince me to start a record label. Explaining that one of the best things about running a label is the contact with artists / musicians whose work you`ve long admired.

Something similar is true of writing / keeping a blog (I don`t think I can call Ban Ban Ton Ton a website). The biggest reward has been people getting in touch. Folks taking the time to say thank you for my attempts at translating their music into prose. It has made such a difference. Matt Sewell – acclaimed illustrator, author, ornithologist, and curator of the Caroline True-sponsored A Crushing Glow series – is one of those people.

In 2016 A Crushing Glow released Anuradha & Kavita Paudwal`s Gayatari Mantra. Fifty minutes of music that you`d ideally listen to at least once a day. A record which made everyone`s end-of-year lists. In 2017, Matt followed this with the positive message and equally mediative pastoral Kosmische of DrumTalk`s Out Of The Blackness, Into The Blue.

Drumtalk Matt Sewell

Three Tracks For Dancing

Il Bosco – Bridge Theory (Il Bosco & Metrodome Fabric Of Time Rip) (Red Laser Disco)

Blackbones – Malukayi (Blackbones)

Edits from the Sputnik Quadrant – Mumataka (Edits From)

Three Tracks For Chilling

Noveller – Deep Shelter (Fire Records)

Tafi All-Stars – Deka Wor Wor (Autonomous Africa)

DrumTalk – Out Of The Blackness Into The Blue (A Crushing Glow Presents/Caroline True)

Three Long Players

James Holden & The Animal Spirits (Border Community Recordings)

Tiny Leaves – Notes On Belonging (Pegdoll)

Rick Tomlinson – Phases Of Daylight (Voix)

Three Re-issues

Ozo – Anambra 12″ (Isle Of Jura)

The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso (Mr Bongo)

Twinkie Clark – Awake Oh Zion 7” (Athens Of The North)

Three Compilations 

The Beauty Of The Sound Approach (The Sound Approach/EC100)

The Beauty Of The Sound Approach

The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Luaka Bop)

Venezuela 70  (Soul Jazz)

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