2017 / Ivo D’Antoni / electronique.it / Affordable Inner Space / Lost In It

Ivo D`Antoni is the founder of Italy`s premier Electronic Music website, electronique.it. The respected on-line resource has now spun out into three labels. The eponymous Electronique.it beginning in 2011. The parent label, this year, releasing the epic, Horror score-inspired drone pieces of Commodity Place`s Trapped In A Sea Cave. Born in 2016, Affordable Inner Space`s focus is more Electro-Acoustic. In 2017,  giving us Massimo Amato`s In The Mood. A late night Noir dubbed-out Jazz hallucination. Recalling Bill Laswell`s reworkings of Miles Davis` electric excursions. Affordable Inner Space also reissued Franco Nanni`s 1987 LP, Elicoide. Accompanied by a second album of archive material and some live shows (which look to have been amazing – see below). Nanni calling his music “Ascetic Trance”, and citing John Cage and Arvo Part as influences. The third label, Lost In It, launched in 2017 with the re-release of Muta. Leo Anibaldi`s sought-after set of Gothic electronics from 1993. 

Three Tracks For Dancing

Derek Carr – Spider Droid – Revoke

Derek is the man. Since I bought his old album The Digital Space Race I`ve followed his music. A combination of different kinds of deep vibes. He`s a real master in creating a melodic atmosphere between Techno and House. Melancholic glimpses of the future, warm basslines, smooth and incisive rhythms. Isn’t that all you need?

Matthieu Faubourg – Please, Stay – STRCTR

Generally I do love dance track with a complete draft – intro / body / outro. I really don’t like DJ tools. Here Mr. Faubourg got to a point in a deep way where all the elements converge in a sexy and danceable mood. I love its melody, rhythm and vocal sample. In a word: perfect.

2 Bit Crew – Complete – 2 Bit Crew Recordings

Christmas is just around the corner and this is a nearly perfect classics mood to dance over the stars. Simple mellow bassline, introspective pads. Don’t think of anything else, dance.

Three Tracks For Chilling

Donato Dozzy – Valentina

I listened to this song few days after its creation and I just exclaimed “Give it to me! I need it for my record-label!” Donato gave it to someone else … But Valentina is a game changer. Listen to it, and the future will appear in a word-shape: “again”.

Flori – Alone On Point Lake – Voyage Recordings

It`s always a joy when you listen a House or Techno 12” and in the middle theres an unexpected Ambient track. It reminds me of the ’90s… Some of the best Ambient songs of all time are contained on danceable 12”s. This one is an outstanding Sci-Fi voyage. You can abandon your brain to the vibrations and fall back on pure positive emotions.

Panoram – The Question – Wandering Eye

How magic is Panoram’s music? Since his first release he seems to have been able to make his instruments “speak”. A narrative music that can have your mind travel into unknown territory through fantastic vocal samples, gummy and bouncy Funk, epic strings and out-of-this-world-strange-visions. The Question is a fresh snapshot of this difficult time. It really seems to say: hold on a second, what is the question?

Three Long Players

Hampshire and Foat – Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand

This is what I mean by cinematic Jazz. All the compositions on this album are catalysts of emotions. Greg Foat at the piano and keyboards, Warren Hampshire with his guitar and vibraphone, the trumpet of Trevor Walker…and many other musicians. Out of all the genres, this music will absorb you completely. Its a powerful, intriguing whirlpool of good vibes, and you can’t stop listening to it.

Matthew Hayes – Indigo

The unexpected sound of Australian Jazz musician Matthew Hayes. Imagine an elegiac world with each sound in its exactly position. A unique flow through Folk, Ambient, Balearic Jazz and deep tropical waves. Sublime.

Pascäal – Plastic

A fresh and solid debut album from Peter Wiley. In a way divided by futuristic rhythm and warm and melodic atmospheres. Each track is full of detail… delicate bleeps and microsounds, oneiric Arps and vaporous pads. A perfect danceable and listenable experience.

Three Re-issues

Lab Rat XL – Mice or Cyborg

James Stinson at his best.

Mr YT – Brand New Day

Some of the best House / Ambient tracks ever made, by Japanese musician Yuji Takenouchi, are collected in this unmissable reissue on the legendary Apollo Records.

Leo Anibaldi – Muta

I know this was reissued by my own label. But the point is: What was the best Italian electronic album? Muta for sure. An essential piece of the Italian history, and more precisely of the early `90s Rome rave scene.

Three Compilations

Space, Energy & Light; Experimental Electronic and Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88

If you like the atmospheric sound here you can find a lot of great compositions for your mind-voyage selected by the fine brains behind Soul Jazz Records. Listen and start your trip.

Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland

This compilation saved me a lot of money. When I looked at the tracklist I said: WOW. All the tracks are in my wantlist! What to say… It`s a wonderful selection of drum-based tracks from Jazz, Fusion, Tribal and Experimental vibes. All about rhythms.

Future Beat Alliance – Collected Works 1996-2017

It’s great to see FBA getting some recognition. He`s an undervalued artist who deserves your attention. For fan of Techno, Deep House and Ambient with an organic, rich and emotional sound.

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