2017 / Kenneth Bager / Music For Dreams / Part 1

There was an insane amount of activity from Kenneth Bager`s Music For Dreams in 2017. Remix packages from Ruf Dug, Bongo Entp. and Laid Back. Albums from Dub Tractor, Islandman, Mackrory & Collier, Silent Riders, Swan And The Lake, Troel`s Hammer, and Visti & Meyland. With Nordso & Theill releasing record of the year, based on the polls / “best of” lists I received. While Jan Schulte`s Tropical Drums Of Deutschland and Moonboots` Moments In Time were contenders for compilations of the year. Like Midori Takada`s Through The Looking Glass, Tropical Drums Of Deutschland shifted an amazing number of vinyl units for these modern times. MFD has a couple more compilations lined up for 2018. Watch this space for news. 

The digital only (for now) Copenema single was one of my “Balearic Beats” of 2017, and a full album will be with us in the next twelve months. There will also be new albums from Troels Hammer, Jacob Gurevitsch, The Swan And The Lake and Islandman. Plus music from Willie Graff, Darren Eboli and new signings Aleceo and Aussteiger. A collaboration with Ruf Dug and Dennis Bovell is just waiting to be mixed. 

MFD will also be assisting with the “Twenty years Of Aficionado” celebrations by joining Moonboots & Jason Boardman for an extended session at Love International. 

Here are some of the things that moved me in 2017.

Chilled Tracks

The Swan and The Lake – Plastic Pacific Ocean

By far my most played chill out track of 2017 and the track that ended most of my DJ sets.

DK / SK – Hammond Blue

Love this. Beautiful.

Dedekind Cut – Tahoe 

Sunset material.

Jacob Gurevitsch – Poesia La Mar

Catching that old vibe from Cafe Del Mar

Laura Misch – This Road 

Sublime and jazzy.

Citizen Of Peace – Humanature (Cosmic Blessing by Calm)

An amazing 10 minutes of bliss.

Hampshire & Foat – Lullaby

Sunset vibes

Troels Hammer – View Of Wisdom

Blade runner vibes.

Nordsø & Theill – Full album

Mogwaa – Deja Vu (D.K.s Trouble Town Dub) 

Sounded great in the sun.

Mackrory & Collier – The Other Side 

Bendith – Dinas

Beautiful E.P.

Maricopa – My Mistake

Alice Bowman – Dreams

Poppy Swedish Melancholy.

Mark Barrott – The Pathway of Our Lives

Islandman – Rest In Space

John Stammers – Waiting Around

John Stammers - Waiting Around

Chris Coco – My Favourite Place

Full of essential chill.

Maylee Todd  – Afanyala

Sade vibes.

Maylee Todd  - Afanyala

Charlotte Adigery – Senegal Seduction 


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