MJ Lallo / Star Child / Seance Centre

MJ Lallo is practically invisible on Discogs. But this lady has been active in music production / post-production for over forty years. Once a Hi-Energy star, MJ is now, amongst other things, a respected voiceover artist. Coaching others in the characterisation of animated heroes and villains. The voice is MJ`s thing. On the three tracks on this Seance Centre “Maxi” 12, her`s moves from ethereal sighs to a muezzin`s drone. Wordless scat, whooshing winds, and birdsong. The low “Om” of a Buddhist chant. Dominican / Gregorian prayer. Appearing as a multi-tracked choir. Or imitating a trumpet solo. The accompanying electronic instrumentation incorporating elements of Electro-Boogie. PPU`s Psychic Mirrors busted up on love. The Jazz-Funk of Loft favourites, Atmosfear. Machine percussion rattling like the Rai I was on about a week or so ago. Aquarius Blue occupies similar musical territory as the stylish Art Pop of Dip In The Pool. The nova Bossa Nova of Antena. Appropriately conjuring images of a lazy float on azure waters. On Deep Dreams a distant drum keeps a blissed-out tempo. A happy heartbeat that twins the track with Sth. Notional`s Yawn Yawn Yawn (itself about to be reissued by Archeo, with some stellar remixes). Crystalline New Age synths mixing with gentle harp-like glissando. Woven together by MJ`s siren`s call. Soothing, and steering you away from, rather than towards, those rocks that life might throw your way.

For more details head over to the Seance Centre website.

Reference Links

Psychic Mirrors

Busted Up On Love


Dip In The Pool

Isabelle Antena

Yawn Yawn Yawn

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