Terekke / Improvisational Loops / Music From Memory

The origins of the music on Improvisational Loops dates back to 2012. When Matt Gardner AKA Terekke provided the live BGM to Qigong classes, held at Bushwick`s Body Actualized Center. Aiming to assist practitioners in aligning their body, breath and mind. The Brooklyn venue was home to a vast range of Spiritual, and Magick, workshops and events. Ranging from concerts by Franco Falsini, and Laraaji, to Raves, and public self-pleasuring rituals. Eventually closing its doors in December 2014.

The shorter pieces here alternate between elegant vapour, and Post-Detroit Techno ambience. Gently rising swells of drone and resonance. Hovering in sustain and delay. A fog of memory, similar to the compositions collected on John Foxx, Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia`s Translucence / Night Hawks / Drift Music trilogy. Brock Van Wey`s white clouds against a blue sky. Versus DK / SK`s Hammond Blue. Where melody (As Truth) joins the atmospherics. The sound of water droplets amplified. Faint acoustic echoes. New Age pioneer, Iasos` Angels Of Comfort. Iasos, coincidently, another artist to have played at BAC.

On the near side-occupying NuWav2 the ring of Tibetan bowls is expanded, exploded, into sonic pixels. The distorted edges of notes bleeding. In and out of phase with one another. The effect serene but somehow cold. Like watching a gale gather momentum across a polar horizon. Gigi Masin tempering Abul Mogard`s emotional storm. Each of the track`s twenty minutes on the surface the same. While immersion reveals its constant change. Picking out detail as you acclimatise. By the end I thought I could hear voices. Reassuring whispers.

You can purchase a copy of Improvisational Loops directly here.

Terekke - Improvisational Loops

Reference Links

John Foxx, Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia

Brock Van Wey

DK / SK 

Melody As Truth 


Gigi Masin

Abul Mogard

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