Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd / Fauna Mapping / Island Of The Gods

Fauna Mapping is the third release on Dan Mitchell`s Island Of The Gods. The second in his Island Explorer series. A concept which namechecks and expands upon Nonesuch`s seminal ethnological recordings. Instead of preserving traditional musics, inviting contemporary artists to visit Bali and literally sample the environment. Absorb Indonesia`s history and process it into a music of the future.

The first volume was Black Merlin`s Hypnotik Tradisi. Where surf, shore, temples, and traffic were augmented by a “Techno” of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and Moebius, Plank & Neumeier. The Tribal made Industrial. Where robotic rhythm devils boomed under children`s chatter, waterfalls and wildlife. Market crowds, crowing cocks, and prayer.

Fauna Mapping is a collaboration between Melody As Truth`s Jonny Nash, and Firecracker`s Lindsay Todd. Here the captured / found sounds are largely unrecognisable. Transformed into New Age drones and wordless songs sung from minarets. A shining synthesis of metallic percussion. Dancing like rain. A monsoon downpour. Sonic snatches of something too fast for the eye, or ear, to catch. Something animal. Like the darting tongue of a tree frog. Or a circling predator intent on remaining hidden. While the bottom end bellows and shakes everything. Hand drum rituals are filtered, dubbed, phased. Sent spinning. Turned inside out. Pipe To Pipe Bushment creates a Salon Des Amateurs / Diskant groove from chopped & screwed chants, steam trains, wooden cogs and waterwheels. Gears creaking and clicking. Beats running in reverse.

In the dark I imagine fortified citadels. Secrets of the sand. But I can also hear the jungles of Ariel Kalma`s Osmose, Terekke`s Qigong calm, within the improvised wall of cicada-like chatter. The evolving drift of whistles of all timbres, densely inhabited by the echoes of taped shrines, tuk-tuks, and the twitter of birds. Bells being struck. Footsteps on stone. Looped and endlessly repeating, returning.

You can order a copy of Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd`s Fauna Mapping directly from Island Of The Gods.

Fauna Mapping Landscape

Reference Links

Hypnotik Tradisi 

Melody As Truth



Ariel Kalma


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