Smith & Mudd / Janet 50 / Claremont 56

The original of Janet 50 features a guitar lick that`s ​perhaps inspired by The Floyd`s Another Brick In The Wall. `Cept with the riff dragged out of the darkness, away from those teachers, and into freer, fresher air (anyone remember Wolfy Vs. Projections` Neeve?). Congas, bass-line and synths join in the serenading of the sun. Keys climbing in an Icarus-like flight towards the light.

Parisian House / Techno institution, I-Cube`s on the remix. Hot from a couple of recent “Balearic” hits. That 7” as Alma Vox, and his rework of Jose Padilla`s Lollipop. Here he toughens the kick. Adds the whoosh of the winds that blow atop Disco Mountain. Swaps the live bass for a fat, resonating electronic bottom-end of Digidub depth. Reduces the guitars to atmospheric Cocteau Twins arcs. The synthetic serenade replaced by a TB-303 squelch. The percussion now a loose rattle. His reconstruction, the dance floor equivalent of a cooling breeze. Coming in from the sea at sunset. Across a palm-lined coast.

Not due in shops for a few weeks, you’ll be able to​ pre-order a copy of Smith & Mudd`s Janet 50 here.

Reference Links

Another Brick In The Wall 


Alma Vox 


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