Kaoru Inoue – Em Paz – Groovement Organic

Kaoru Inoue is an elder statesman of Japan`s underground dance music community. He`s been releasing music, a uniquely Japanese spiritual take on House and Techno, since the late 1990s. Under the alias Chari Chari. Branching into Ambient, in cahoots with fellow travellers like Calm and guitarist DSK. Tunes appearing on offshoots of his own Seeds & Ground, and Kenji Takimi`s Crue-L. Still super active as a DJ, he`s been quiet of late on the production front. Save a couple of limited pressings as Aurora Acoustic, and a few edits (Dif Juz; 23 Skidoo). One split 12 with another Tokyo Dance veteran, Masanori Ikeda.

Em Paz, on Portuguese label, Groovement Organic, is electro-acoustic Fusion. Picking up Jon Hassell`s idea of a “Fourth World”. In so much that it uses traditional elements, and technology, to create a new musical location that`s impossible to pinpoint. Indian tabla. Synergising drones, from sitar, weeping violin, and Space Rock guitar. Electronics from Germany`s Kosmische pioneers. California`s New Age. Iasos illuminations. Low end oscillations. Modulations, and handclaps. The sound of phased flares and shooting stars. Six-string strums leading beach campfire dancers. Accompanied by an assembly of smiling friends on assorted percussion. Shakers. Tumbling Mike Shrieve jams. Kaoru slaps the occasional bass. And the keys, at times, move into the Pop Tropics of Wally Badarou`s Echoes, Malcolm McLaren`s Obatala, or Steve Winwood`s In The Light Of Day. A world away from any four to the floor.

You can purchase a copy of Kaoru Inoue`s Em Paz here.

Reference Links

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Mike Shrieve 

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Steve Windwood


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