Joe Hisaishi / Kisshō Tennyo / LAG

An Electronic score from the legendary soundtrack composer, Joe Hisaishi. An artist best known for his close working ties with both Studio Ghibli and Kitano “Beat” Takeshi. Here providing the music for the 1984 anime adaptation of Akimi Yoshida`s manga, Kisshō Tennyo. Providing UK-based imprint, LAG, with their second release. The first being Koharu Kisaragi`s Ryuichi Sakamoto-produced Neo-Plant. The label committed to reissuing long-deleted Japanese sought-afters on vinyl. Employing a strong attention to detail. In packaging – heavyweight sleeves, obi – and pressing. My copy of the Joe Hisaishi is a thing of beauty. From artwork, to sakura pink plastic, to sound. Where temple calm is undercut by racing arpeggios. Analogue flowing and bubbling, organically. Like water. Distress signals floating in and out of earshot. Drum machines dancing with robotic rumblings. Synthesised choirs back church organ solos. Quirky, angular Synth Pop New Wave bops between Devo`s Satisfaction and YMO`s Firecracker. Goldfrapp`s Glam Disco. Like Giorgio Morroder making over T.Rex. Electro comes with faux scratching and Rockit  Oberheim DMX rolls. Fairlights fall in love. Sighing as they experience a moment. A bionic Blues harp counters Soulsonic Force strings. Where fear is a New Beat Musique Concrete of the horrors of Hammer, and John Carpenter. The Exorcist`s reprise of Tubular Bells.

You can order directly from LAG Records here.

Reference Links

Studio Ghibli 

Kitano “Beat” Takeshi 

Koharu Kisaragi





Moments In Love

John Carpenter

Tubular Bells

Hammer Horror 

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