Goldmund / Occasus / Western Vinyl

Lonely fingers slowly pick out half-remembered lullabies, love songs. In a room of furniture shrouded like ghosts. On piano keys half-forgotten under dust covers. Playing stumbling lovers` waltzes in a long deserted ballroom. Duets and parties recalled in brief flashback. Notes caught in echo, like the ripples of those pennies we cast for wishes. Windows looking out to nostalgia’s gardens. Unkempt. Autumn`s leaves, sleeping in. Mixing with Spring. A sad, wry smile at the thought of you, again. Knocking at my door, in quiet moments. When I`m not expecting company. Grateful for it.

Static distorts like thunder. As the music turns darker. As if night falls. Memory`s apparitions moving out of reach. Fading with the light. Melody becoming indistinct. As if torn away by time. The song recited just once more. In full, and fluently. Before replacing the instrument`s lid and covers. Cosigning its practice back to yesterdays.

Western Vinyl will release, Occasus, Keith Kenniff`s latest collection of piano compositions as Goldmund, on April 13th. 


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