E Ruscha V / Woo Are You? / Beats In Space

Eddie Ruscha`s new album drops the Secret Circuit moniker, and moves away from his recent lysergic dance floor gear. Returning to the Techno-Folk / Folktronica collected on Tropical Psychedelics.

Late last year, Beats In Space released the title track, Who Are You?, as a digital single. Where machines sing gently against Hawaiian slack-key and steel guitar. Eddie`s own sighs surrounded by a phased, lullaby of synthetic sound. The closest comparison might be the eccentric recordings of Woo, and now BIS have brought the Brothers Ives in for two subtle reworkings. The tune reshaped as the punning Woo Are You? Mark and Clive adding keyboard parts that shine, and wink and blink like stars. Clarinet and Dancehall horns – Artie Shaw not King Jammy – and an Eno-esque lyric. Music that soundtracks an Alice-like trip down the rabbit hole into a hallucinatory Wonderland.

“You`re on a mission and you know it.”

Their Dub ups the English Trad-Jazz-on-Mushrooms feel by introducing live drums, and piano. The brothers in harmony. Either au natural, or vocodered. Like something from Woo`s own classic debut, Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong. The musical equivalent of a sepia-tinted photo. A relic traveling through and out of time.

You can purchase the music here.

Reference Links

Tropical Psychedelics


Artie Shaw

Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong

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