Quiroga / Cups And Balls / Really Swing

Constructed, in part, from crackling vinyl loops. Of acoustic guitars, pianos, and drums. Hypnotic, head-nodding drums. Hip Hop tempo`d. As opposed to House. Like Attica Blues, Lewis Parker, and Trevor Jackon`s FROM. On Summer holiday. Removing their designer hoodies by the pool. Fender Rhodes, electric solos and Sci-Fi sound effects. Segueing smoothly into the slow, sequenced Electronics plundered for Baldelli`s Cosmic Tapes. Japan`s Haruomi Hosono and Hideki Matsutake. Kosmische wrong-speeders like SFF. Grooves funkily, Frankenstein-ed together in the manner of Ptaki`s Jak Ptaki.

The title track, Cups And Balls, adds vocal snippets. Sirens` sighs. Kalimba clicking and a Wah Wah licking. Lapping like water. Its upright bass-line, and the Samba of its strummed rhythm, recalling Victor Davies` classic, Brother. A Brazilian edge to it. The kind of Jazzy Fusion that Smoke City used to make. Cuica squeaks, and all blue skies.

Quiroga cups balls art

You can purchase a copy directly from Really Swing.

Reference Links

Attica Blues

Lewis Parker


Hideki Matsutake



Victor Davies

Smoke City

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