FROM / Y.O.U. / PRE-Recordings

Creations woven from fragments of found Funk. Twenty second snippets stolen from the discarded, lost and forgotten. An Akai S950 reanimation of a bounty saved from Soul Jazz` bargain bins. Snatches of smokey, late night Fender Rhodes. New Age synth spirals. Acoustic guitar samples. Vocal snippets. Electric chords stretched and slowly twisted with an Axelrod air. Ringing out like a Morse S.O.S. Shadow`s Midnight In A Perfect World rendered beatless.

Folk is fractured through kaleidoscope eyes. Soft Rock loops are carried on tides. Toyed with by surf. Washed up at the Cafe Del Mar. Like The Chi-Lites done crying. Vintage Country and Soul vinyl crackling away like campfire flame. Colours in a Sampledelia rainbow. Boom Bapping introspection. Like Lewis Parker`s Rise. Old D.A.I.S.Y. agers set adrift on memory bliss. Backing tracks for party raps that never were.

Muted horns. Orchestral strings. Bassoons and tinkling ivories. Tubular bell chimes. Harps. Kalimba ghosts, and the spectres of crooners and Easy-Listening harmonies whispering way down in the mix. Here are snapshots of the sound of a mid-to-late `90s UK Hip Hop scene. The Gutter Snypes, Skitz, and The Brotherhood. Liberty Grooves, Ronin, and Bite It! Funk like stilton. Words like Milton.


Blunted, stoned, zonked, and echoed infinitely into abstraction.

Jazz swings. Things spin quietly backwards. An O.C. lyric calls out to pretenders. After two decades waiting. Time`s up.

Trevor Jackson`s PRE-Recordings archives release FROM`s Y.O.U. tomorrow (January 12th). You can order a copy directly here.

Reference Links

David Axelrod 

DJ Shadow 


Lewis Parker

D.A.I.S.Y agers

Gutter Snypes 



Time`s Up 

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