Belong / October Language / Spectrum Spools

Belong`s debut, October Language, dates from 2006. In the decade that`s followed, the New Orleans duo put out a second LP, on Kranky, and opened for Ariel Pink. The press release for this Spectrum Spools reissue describes their music as “Dark Ambient”. Yet while it`s an uncompromising listen, immersion in the album`s thirty minute hit is kinda transcendental. A sonic cleansing and rebirth. An exorcism, even. A communion with howling angels. The drones and electronically generated / manipulated feedback represent an emotional gale force. Where you remain motionless at its eye, while the landscape around you is torn apart. Metal splintering. Sparks flying. Kansas long gone. Forever. Symphonic, like Abul Mogard peaking. Grandiose church organ tones are underpinned by hidden, stuttering oscillations. Amid Fennesz-like static and interference. Shoegaze melodies buried in the noise. Exposed at the edges of its concrete wall of sound. Voices, consumed in the fog.

The nostalgia associated with most Modern / Post-Classical is here. It`s like the Shell – Robocop, Major – attempting to hack back into its Ghost – Murphy, Motoko. Where images, memories, are glitched. Broken transmissions. Not quite blacked out. Not quite forgotten. I`m Too Sleepy…Shall We Swim is lost in cavernous sub-bass boom. The pressure collapsing everything. The ionising Remove The Inside ignites with an electric green, blue, aurora. Translucent. Fluorescent. Haloing souls with the glow of St. Elmo`s Fire. The crackle of its flame. 

Twelve years after its initial release, October Language, plays like a trans-human eulogy to biological mankind. A silicon and steel hymn from a Black Mirror future where all that`s left of history is digital, and our flesh been rendered alloy. The roar of low-flying aircraft mixing with (too many) War requiems in a deafening cacophony, as the whole of man`s time on Earth nose-dives, tail spins, through Kubrick`s 2001 stargate. Leaving you with only your goodbyes. Free of gravity`s pull. 

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Abul Mogard 



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