Group Listening / Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1 / PRAH Recordings

Stephen Black and Paul Jones cite Simon Jeffes and Virginia Astley as sources of inspiration for their collaborative Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1. A set of Modern Chamber Music covers of an eclectic list of the duo`s favourites. Eight pieces where the main musical points of reference are indeed Jeffes` Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and Astley`s Ambient landmark, From Gardens Where We Feel Secure. 

Their translation of Disasterpeace`s bass-heavy, 8-bit score for the contemporary horror, It Follows, is a field recording of birds, and insects. Cuckoos and bees. Running water. A park on a Summer`s day. Virginia`s idyllic childhood remembered. While their version of Euro Chid`s The Dog dissolves into Tom Waits hurdy-gurdy, and Hendrix-like feedback. The outsider Synth-Pop ballad becoming the weather breaking at a country fair. The use of clarinet brings comparisons with the Ives Brothers` Woo. The minimalist piano arrangements, Wim Mertens. Classical, Folk, and Jazz themes mix throughout – a la PCO`s recently reissued Union Cafe, as they take on Electronic pioneers Raymond Scott, Roedelius and Eno. Re-imagining Pastoral Kosmische, New Age and Prog / Art Rock. The acoustically strummed reading of Arthur Russell`s A Little Lost coming closest to the playfulness of something like Music For A Found Harmonium. 

To be honest, the thing I love / loved about Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1 was not just the original music, but the classics it introduced me to. Robert Wyatt`s beautiful Maryan in particular. 

Robert Wyatt – Maryan

Roedelius – Wenn Der Südwind Weht

Euros Childs – The Dog

Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds For Baby

Brian Eno – Julie With…

Arthur Russell – A Little Lost

Disasterpeace – Jay

Group Listening`s Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1 will be released by PRAH Recordings on May 4th. You can pre-order directly here.

The duo also have the following live dates booked:

Flute And Tankard, Cardiff – July 4th

St Pancras Old Church, London – July 9th

Sea Change Festival, Totnes – August 25th


Reference Links

From Gardens Where We Feel Secure


Wim Mertens

Union Cafe 

Music For A Found Harmonium

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