Earthboogie / Human Call / Leng

Human Call is music for the modern global dance. Referencing the 80s. Post-Punk`s use of the ethnological to attack Rock`s cliches. Quando Quango and Konk (also check ex-Konk-er Jonny Sender`s forthcoming remixes on Codek). Yet with the polish of today. The dynamic duo of Izaak Gray and Nicola Robinson making like an afro-centric Factory Floor. Mixing trippy synthesised sequences, 303s, and Chicago House drum programming with Hugh Masekela horns. Bogle rhythms. Brass blasting like the irate outbursts of cars grid-locked in a Lagos jam. Segueing between loops of West African Highlife and hypnotic North African guitar. Set against early `90s Balearic. Chugging tribal stomps by LUPO and Kwanzaa Posse. Karl Denver`s Indambinigi, Syncbeat, John Rocca`s The River Must Flow, and Zimba`s Baleka. Bolstered by the 21st century bass of something like Maurice Fulton`s under appreciated work with Mim Suleiman. Creating a resolutely Pop reading of Fourth World principles, with faux chants that borrow from Hugo Ball`s Dada poetry, via Talking Heads` I Zimbra. As excitable and infectious as Martyn Young plugging-in Mory Kante`s Yeke Yeke. 

You can order a copy of Earthboogie`s Human Call directly from Leng.

Earthboogie Human Call Art

Reference Links

Quando Quango


Factory Floor

Hugh Masekela 


Kwanzaa Posse



John Rocca 


Mim Suleiman

I Zimbra

Yeke Yeke 

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