Michal Turtle / Return To Jeka / Music From Memory

An LP of previously unreleased material from Michal Turtle. Tracks that tread an “Uneven Path”. Music recorded between 1983 and 1985, that could easily slot alongside the gems on MFM`s recent “Deviant Pop” compilation. 

Drum-machine powered hits of low-slung, Post-Punk Funk. Sparse grooves, with treated guitars. Running backwards. Droning. Dropped into dub-wise delay. Hawaiian slack-key twang washed in the reverb of the Cocteau Twins shallow bay. 

Like a fusion of Woo and Eno – with Manzanera and Fripp – plus Sci-Fi sound effects and surreal prose. Nick Nicely`s Psychedelia set to fluid percussion. Wolf Muller gone New Age. 

You can order a copy of Michal Turtle`s Return To Jeka directly from Music From Memory.

michal+turtle+artwork copy

Reference Links

Cocteau Twins



Nick Nicely

Wolf Muller

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