Nu Guinea / Nuova Napoli / NG Records

Early Sounds Recordings` Nu Guinea pick up from Bop & 291Out`s amazing L`alba Dei Vinti from last year, and raise that crazy, modern Italian muzak to another level. Appearing to have a lot of fun in the process. While the duo of  Lucio Aquilina and Massimo Di Lena, previously seemed content to create funky alien sonic landscapes, Nuova Napoli, is constructed from more structured, more complex arrangements. With catchy songs even. 

This is superior synth-y Fusion. Set at Boogie and Disco tempos. Cool Mediterranean dance floor Jazz-Funk. That should appeal to Soul Boys & Girls, Jazz-Heads, and Balearic-Beaters alike. Virtuoso guitar licks, slapped bass strings, sexy saxes, and cosmic keys. It`s Bob James doing the Macumba on Vakula`s Voyage To Arcturus. Arpadys and Discocross sharing a Cold Coke. Mina and Loredana Berte caught in a Brazilian carnival. Cuica squeaks, clav-y Sambas and Azimuth echoes. Chaz Jankel joining Level 42 to cover George Benson. Baldelli landing David Earle Johnson`s U.F.Olds at Baia degli Angeli.

The first 1000 copies of Nuova Napoli sold out in a week, back in April. The repress of 500 went faster than that. Nu Guinea have just started taking orders on a third hit, but I think you`d better be quick. 

Reference Links

Bop & 291Out 

Bob James




Cold Coke


Loredana Berte


Chaz Jankel

Level 42

George Benson

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