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More “Deviant Pop” that treads an Uneven Path. But where Music From Memory`s recent masterclass was conducted by two – Jamie Tiller and Raphael Top-Secret – Club Meduse is the work of just one. Cosmic Dude, Charles Bals. And because of that it feels like a much more personal “journey”. The music, of course, varies in tempo, and to some degree genre, but its overall tone is more consistent than that of Uneven Path. It feels less like a digger simply sharing some of his treasure, and more like a mixtape of favourites you might make a friend. Or a lover. 

When I first saw the text that accompanies Club Meduse – describing the “purple sky” of the Cote D`Azur – I thought, “Wow, that`s a bit fruity”, even by my own fruity standards. But once I listened to the music, it fit perfectly. Club Meduse is the sound of summers remembered. Days and nights of innocence lost. First slow dances, kisses, and sunrises. Love and heartbreak. A collection of hits from a holiday FM dial and first discotheques. 

Music culled from obscure 45s. From France, Italy, Macedonia, and Scandinavia. 90 BPM Afro / Typhoon chuggers, Alternative Boogie, Faux-Jazz cool, Post-Punk Funk guitar-led instrumentals, Radio “raps”, and Voodoo Zouk. All dating from between 1979 and 1984. 

There are four tracks produced by Ivo Comanducci, Roberto Vano, and Joe Quintale. One from J.P. Massiera. Plus a couple of idiosyncratic electronic rockers – in the vein of Bob Chance – that bop (Chris & Kylie`s Feelin` Good), and squelch (Metal Voices` By The Banks Of The River).

Music inspired by Japanese Art. Visions of mountains and blossom. Performed by covers bands. Basses slapped, chords clipped, and promises whispered. Ara Macao`s Roberta Andalò joining the rank of Balearic Pop goddess, alongside Anna Domino and Isabelle Antena.

You can order a copy of Charles Bals Club Meduse from Spacetalk. 

Reference Links

Bob Chance

Anna Domino

Isabelle Antena

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