Film / Damo Suzuki & Michelle Heighway / Energy

I`ve touched on the legacy of Can before. When Holger Czukay passed away. Now there`s the chance to do something for another member of the ground-breaking group, Damo Suzuki. While he`s still breathing. Battling with cancer.

Filmmaker Michelle Heighway is constructing a documentary of Damo`s life. Retracing his journey. From nomadic busker. Drifting through Europe. To the bare-chested, long-haired, shamanistic, “wildman”, upfront with Can.  Between 1970 and 1973, providing vocals to such revered records as Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi. Then hooking up with Dominik Von Senger`s cult outfit, Dunkelziffer in the `80s. Forming his own “Network”, a rotating, spontaneous, assembly of players, in the `90s. Through archive footage, animation, and anecdote, Heighway follows Suzuki as, against the odds, he continues to tour, and share his inspiring positivity. His humour, and energy. 

The project is looking for crowd-funding. The time-line for which runs until June 20th. You can find out more, and help, here.

Damo Suzuki photo 1 detail

Damo Suzuki Screen Shot 2

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