Nils Frahm / All Melody & Encores 1 / Erased Tapes

On All Melody, Nils Frahm has crafted an “Organic Techno”. Using cello, choir, gong, marimba, timpani and trumpet. And of course, keys. Fed through old reverb chambers at the restored Funkhaus, Berlin, and a “unit” fashioned from a Mallorcan dry well. Choral hymns, harmonium drone, and Dubwise drop. Pizzicato strings become House music`s bass and kick. Sounds amplified and transformed. On compositions, that remind me of Four Tet`s sunset electronics. The introspective Acid of Recondite and Tin Man. Bubbling, babbling. Gently. A muted horn blowing a thoughtful melancholy. From Hassell`s Fourth World swamp and forest. Mixing Reich with Murcof. Blade Runner circuitry racing. Basic Channel fragments in flux. Circling. Coalescing into something like classic Detroit machine ambience. With its eyes on clearer skies and horizons. Only a couple of tracks consist of what might have been expected. Close mic`d solo piano. On All Melody these pieces suggest someone in isolation, slowly, and carefully, picking apart a Jazz standard. A watchmaker examining a dusty mechanism. Cog by cog. Themes expanded upon with the new E.P., Encores 1. The creak of pedals and softly brushed rhythms. Patient Satie-like notes describing heavy weather. Personal storms gathering. Rising and falling like sad, calm, breathing. For all the intricacy and inventiveness clearly at his disposal, the biggest testament to Frahm`s talent is that he can create music so simple, that so instantly connects and resonates. 

All Melody and Encores 1 can both be ordered directly from Erased Tapes. 

Nils Frahm All Melody cover

Nils Frahm encores

Reference Links

Four Tet


Tin Man


Basic Channel

Classic Detroit Ambience

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