A-Team / Trouble / Seance Centre

Seance Centre rescue the A-Team from the `80s. No Faceman, Hannibal, Murdock, or Mr. T. But an E.P. of UK Post-Punk, featuring Pressure Drop`s Justin Langlands, Funkapolitan`s Tom Dixon and Animal Nightlife`s Chrysta Jones. Recorded and mixed at Mad Professor’s South London Ariwa studios, and originally released on Tony McDermott’s !Drum! label in 1982 (one year before the TV show hit screens, if anyone`s wondering). Grooves that combine NYC`s ESG and Brit-Funk`s Jazz influences. Loft classics like Atmosfear`s Dancing In Outerspace, and Powerline`s Double Journey. Timbales rattle like an Arthur Baker Shakedown Sound remix. But the reverb and delay have a distinctly British feel. More Dennis Bovell than Larry Levan. Bristol`s Dug Out and Revolver Records. Adrian Sherwood forcing Maximum Joy to stretch. Taking them there. Considering the line-up, it`s not surprising that the music reflects the warehouse party vibe of the time. George Oban and Neneh Cherry`s Raw Sex, Pure Energy. If Mr. Rico Rodriguez were to blow his trombone.

The Dub Mix proper strips everything back to bass, echoed handclaps and rhythm guitar scratch. Seance Centre founder Brandon Hocura taking the best of both versions to create an eight minute “Discomix”. 

You can order a copy directly from Seance Centre.

Reference Links

Pressure Drop 


Animal Nightlife




Arthur Baker

Dennis Bovell

Maximum Joy

Raw Sex

Mr. Rico

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