Za Talent / Animals Dancing

Za Talent be Diego Herrera and Jonny Nash. The pair rejecting the tasteful Ambient of their releases on Jonny`s Melody As Truth label. Instead bashing out stuttering, bottom-heavy Electro beats for Australia`s Animals Dancing. More UR`s Interstellar Fugitives than Innovative Communications. 

Telex` drum patterns have Diego`s Renee Running. Her getaway punctuated by the sound that Kraftwerk`s Trans-Europe Express would make, if it were a steam engine. An abstract dance that morphs into serene Post-Detroit Techno. With a hook / solo / noise like Invisibl Skratch Piklz juggling with a hiccup. 

Whale is a song of The Deep. Space rather than The Big Blue. Distorted Red Planet distress signals doubling for the aquatic mammal`s poetry. Climaxing with House keyboard stabs. While a Plastikman-esque 808 takes on a Jazz complexity. 

You can purchase a copy of Za Talent directly from Animals Dancing. 

Reference Links

Interstellar Fugitives

Renee Running

Trans Europe Express

Invisibl Skratch Piklz


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