Andrea Benini / Drumphilia Vol. 1 / Agogo

Drummer, percussionist, and Mop Mop band leader, Andrea Benini, goes solo for a moment. Paying homage to the worlds of Library Music and drum-break records. Classics, such as Giuliano Sorgini`s Zoo Folle, Tullio De Piscopo`s Suonando La Batteria Moderna (reissued on Archeo Recordings), or Alessandro Alessandroni`s recently unearthed Afro Discoteca. Tempos varying from head-nodding calm, to House, to Soca. When it`s racing, it`s rattling robotic snares, and steel pan tones. Tambourines, big kicks. Gospel revivals. When it`s chilling, it`s a sleepy South American carnival. A la Chancho Via Circuito. Or the Electric Africa of Zazou / Bikaye / CY1, Paul K. & Denis Mpunga, and Roland Young`s Ballo Balla. Mixing board mutations of ON-U-esque Nyahbingi. Throughout 808s boom, while idiophones create playful, fluid, counter-rhythms. Marimba, Kalimba, and juice harp, on talking drum Techno. Tribal stomps too machine-enhanced to be Guem et Zaka. Grooves not dark enough for Diskant`s rituals. More Jan Schulte water-dancing. 

You can order a copy of Drumphilia Vol. 1 directly from Agogo Records.

Reference Links

Mop Mop

Giuliano Sorgini

Tullio De Piscopo

Alessandro Alessandroni

Chancho Via Circuito

Zazou / Bikaye / CY1 

Paul K. & Denis Mpunga

Roland Young


Guem Et Zaka


Jan Schulte

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