Schleißen 5-8 / Emotional Response

Whistles and warnings are set against a low, ominous pulse. Hypnotic drumming driving a journey into night. Distant fanfares, of unknown exotic origin, mix with elements of ritual and ceremony. Tomaga`s Breakfast At The Volcano could be taking place on Dan Mitchell`s Island Of The Gods. With Black Merlin, Jonny Nash, and Lindsay Todd for company. Opening portals. Stepping between worlds. All around winds howl. Or is that the sound of a shaman`s breath. A puff of powdered ebena? A dimethyltriptamine cloud? Their The Dancer In The Lake rattles like an angry snake. Poised to attack. A suspense of strings and high-pitched frequencies giving way to a Post-Punk, Post-Rock groove. Industrial Tribal. Tribal Industrial. A meeting of O Yuki Conjugate and 23 Skidoo. 

Neil Tolliday AKA UK House legend Nail, makes a kind of drum-less, Motorik. A meditative vapour of sitar / sarod buzz and tumbling chimes. Timbres twisting. In and out of echo. From wet to dry to wet again. Grounded by analogue arpeggio.  

Leaving Records` Matthewdavid takes Mindflight through the Microcosm. Sounds, synthetic and organic, sent backwards and forwards. Wildlife and surf buried deep within Sonos` time-and-mind-bending delay. Easily and instantly creating its own, phase-shifting, universe. Transporting the listener to the banks of a virtual waterfall. Dissipating into a migration of digital birds.

HOLOVR`s Horizon Dub is acidic Kosmische. Bass drums bumping. Snares snapping. Sine waves singing a serenade. All the while, a modular sun shining. The beat-less Trance of Mind Movement feels more like twilight. Sequencers, like stars, at play. Mycomorph represents a series standout. An introspective highlight of fragile, intricate detail to rival Irresistible Force`s timeless “Full Chill” of Coldcut`s Autumn Leaves. 

Dr Sally Rodgers and Dr Steve Jones of A Man Called Adam supply the modestly titled Sketches. Twenty minutes of arhythmic heartbeats, bass oscillations, multi-tracked, dialogue, and theremin tones. Celestial choirs sync-ing with homemade instruments, and app-generated shapes, in commissions for installations, museums, and BBC Radio 4. Chrono Psionic Interfaces. Just don`t go expecting Estelle. 

Georgia strike idiophones. Their vibrations energetically rippling like fast running streams, and vying with Rave riffs. Creating rhythms from detuned, and obliquely looped, samples. Sending traditional instruments crashing midst bitmapped breakers.

Jon Keliehor`s ethnological experiments traverse three decades. Dispensing with geography with a Jazz syncopation. Where Celtic whistles sit side-by-side with Chinese Xiao. In studies for bell, gong, juice harp, and tabla. Gamelan grooves, 22a voodoo, that chants and calls to the spirits. 

Lord Of The Isles` suite of shorts uses a similar Post-Acid House, Post-Techno palette as HOLOVR. Sound-paintings constructed in the Cairngorms. Conveying a landscape of rocky outcrops and tors. An arctic-alpine tundra free of man and, consequently, haven for species close to extinction. A space of isolation, and reflection. 

Below is a sampler, a mini-mix, of the worlds that Schleißen 5-8 have to offer. Volumes 5-8 are in shops now – with nearly three hours of music between them. All care of  Emotional Response. 




Lord Of The Isles – Gone

Neil Tolliday – Seinat Liikkuvat

Jon Keleihor – Serpent In The Sky

Tomaga – The Dancer In The Lake

Neil Tolliday – Koskaan Hereta

HOLOVR – Mycomorph

Lord Of The Isles – T Minus

Reference Links

Jonny Nash And Lindsay Todd

O Yuki Conjugate

23 Skidoo

Autumn Leaves


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